In a Pickle

Sometimes I think I have something like a split self.

For example, there has always been a part of me that likes to give food away.

Peace Pilgrim would say this is my higher calling.

food   magnet

Then there is the other me who easily gets tired of doing what I am doing and want to do something new and different.


This happened on Sunday at the Free Farm Stand. We haven’t been able to get a lot of produce recently for all the people who come by wanting some,

including volunteers. Part of me kept saying I have to get more produce to serve all those coming looking for some fresh vegetables..

food insecure

My other self said don’t worry about it,  you decided long ago you weren’t going to be another food pantry, that you wanted to just give away food that you grew or neighbors grew. You wanted to inspire people with a lovely little farm stand that was free. Now what are you thinking, expanding again, thinking about getting food at the  Food Bank?  Maybe it is time to get out of show business and do something more real.
This craziness inside me continues and maybe there will be a follow up when I figure out what I am doing and get out of this pickle. Though I do so much enjoy all our wonderful guests and volunteers,it is what keeps me inspired and going. And I love all the fresh organic produce we score, but most of all I like the produce we grow and glean.

 Beta Phi Sorority picked up the produce from Stonestown Farmer’s market for us…

they may become regular helpers we will see

IMG_2423_1IMG_2432_1I am totally in love with volunteers who bring something beautiful to our weekly event…

that is what it is about

IMG_2418_1 IMG_2419_1

our lovely farm fresh produce from the Free Farm

Here is some good news that doesn’t have to do with farming, but it may help some of our low income volunteers get free cell phone service:

Applications for a free Lifeline cell phone can be found at:

Assurance Wireless: (800) 395-2171 or

Reach Out Wireless: (877) 777-1914 or





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