We Need Volunteers!

Join the Free Farm Stand family and help us share the wealth of urban farms and gardens.  We need folks to:
1. Set up, serve, and clean up at the Stand.
2. Drive our van to pick up produce.
3. Harvest gorgeous vegetables.
4. Garden.
5. Pack the van and unload the van.

Interested in regularly volunteering?
Contact Laura: checkitoff@outlook.com

In 2017, we’re moving to a new system. Let’s say that you want to volunteer twice a month at the Stand. You’ll get to choose which Sundays you’ll regularly volunteer, for example, every 1st and 2nd Sunday each month. And you’ll be part of the teams that volunteer on those specific Sundays.

Make getting to know your neighbors your New Year’s resolution and join us.

We look forward to serving with you!

Barbara May one of our long time volunteer cartoonists

 need-volunteer-help ffs-group-photo

Note from Tree:

Next year  I am going to experiment  being in the All in Common Garden on Sundays instead of at the Stand and to see if I can back away a little. The problem is I just love our project and all our fabulous hard working volunteers and guests who come to “shop” and it is habit forming going to the Stand every week.

After the sad news from our recent national election, I hope more people wake up and realize that the political and economic system we have doesn’t work. We all need to start dropping out of the current culture of buying and selling everything, and create communities based on sharing and generosity. That is what the Free Farm Stand is really about.  I hope you join our family and movement.

Here are two recent photos:

We are still harvesting large amounts of produce on Fridays from Alemany Farm. It has been mostly greens and some sunchokes. Also not pictured are the boxes of fresh gleaned greens from Green Gulch Farm that are so great, brought into the city by a volunteer whom I met at Alemany Farm on Friday when we harvest there.


The hecka local produce from our neighborhood, mostly from our garden, has been beautiful and goes fast:  avocados, persimmons, passion fruit, chayotes, hot peppers,and pineapple guavas.fall-produce-from-ffs

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