Gardens growing food for the Free Farm Stand

The majority of our produce for The Free Farm Stand is supplied by Alemany Farm.  We also have support from:

Neighbors’ Backyards
All in Common Garden on 23rd st. between Folsom and Shotwell Sts. Tuesdays 1-3pm and Sundays Noon-3pm

18th and Rhode Island Permaculture Garden on Potrero Hill contact for more info or to help.

Mission Greenway  on vacant railroad right-of way between Treat Ave. and Harrison St. People are often there on Sundays when the Farm Stand is open. Also, Fridays at 10am…contact Tree for more information or



3 thoughts on “Gardens growing food for the Free Farm Stand”

  1. Hello! I love this concept. I live in Pacifica and have a small corner yard that I was hoping to turn into a local garden that would contribute to this organization & surrounding low in come families on the property I live. I live on a horse ranch that if things goes well…there might be other parts of the property that the owner would be open to planting with assistance.

    How does this work? Is there help with the preparing, planting and harvesting the area?

    Thanks! Aimee

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