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For more information

or if you want to help
or if you have or know of a fruit tree that needs picking.
or if you want to start a garden and share your surplus and need advice

call Tree (415) 684-8493

I am also on Facebook (Tree Rubenstein) and so is the  Free Farm Stand

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  1. I live at 16th and South Van Ness and have an unused, fenced 10 x 15 garden ready to plant. I would give daily access to someone who simply wants a space to cultivate. pat 716-352-0287.

  2. Awesome work. I was one of the occupiers of the abandoned building behind your farm and I was so inspired by what you do! I will be emailing soon to find out more on how I can help the free farm.

  3. Hello:

    Is the Free Farm Stand still operating on Sundays from 1pm to 3pm at the Northeast corner of Parque de Ninos (a park in the Mission district between 22nd/23rd and Folsom/Treat?

    Asking because don’t find that info on your website. Did find it posted by a reviewer on Yelp, but not certain of the accuracy of the Yelp review.

    I’m disabled on crutches so I’d also like to know when I should arrive, as standing is often difficult for me and I don’t want to get knocked over in a press of customers.

    Hope to hear back soon.


    1. Sorry for being so late in responding. We don’t really have anyone keeping this website up to date. The stand opens at 12 noon and we give out numbers then and we start handing out produce at 1pm. If you are disabled you can talk to Laura or someone handing out numbers that you would like to go first and they will arrange that.

  4. Can you pls let me know where is this free stand? I’m trying to find food for my children. Where in San Francisco can I pick some of this free veggies and bread? Thank you!

    1. We hand out produce starting at noon on Treat Ave. and 23rd St. in the parking lot of the Little Giant Lighting Company on 3050B 23rd Street (entrance and parking lot on Treat Ave.). It goes really fast now that we are pre-bagging the produce, so get there when we start, because by 12:30 it may be gone.

  5. Id like to volunteer in any way possible. Unfortunately I don’t have access to a garden, however I live in the mission and am able bodied. Please let me know how I can contribute – thank you.

    1. Thanks for reaching out to us! Normally we would invite you over to help out, but because of the necessity of social distancing we’ve actually restricted the number of volunteers we have so that we can be safe. I’m so sorry but we’re not able to have any more volunteers right now. If something opens up, we can let you know! Contact Tree ( if you want to help in the garden to social distance together while we grow more food on a small scale. And/or contact him to get on a list of volunteers when things change. Thanks
      > Please know though that if you need vegetables, you can come by on any Sunday.

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