Season of the Sunchoke

I was at the Free Farm Stand only for about a half hour to help with setting things up. Already things were starting to heat up and the word that I got from people who were there was that it was a pretty hot day and people were not even sitting on the grass very much. I brought 7 pounds of chestnuts from the tree a block down the street that I planted 30 years ago. Our mysterious neighbor dropped off more Rocoto peppers from her garden and I brought peppers from the farm. Raise your hands if you can handle the heat from the Rocoto pepper. I am assuming people like them, though I am not a hot pepper fan (I only like to grow them). Here are some pictures from the day:

all food from the Free Farm plus flowers

Sunchoke Season

and Ground Cherry time (the red one is a tomato)


Rocoto Peppers

some of our mighty team

team in action

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