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Back from our one month break I am feeling refreshed and our first Sunday  Stand of the New Year was truly wonderful weatherwise and sweet otherwise.  One thing that I should note is that there is less produce this time of year and so come on time if you want to score.

All my feelings about the previous year are summed up in my latest cartoon “Nothing but Blessings” in the cartoon section. If you would like a hard copy please contact me. I personally like to have art in my hand and on paper, though we must always remember the trees and somethings may not need to be printed out.

I really see this new year as an opportunity for us all to move forward on our spiritual path and hopefully we can all put effort into doing our part to make this planet a little more beautiful and full of love and peace. I am  personally keeping in mind the mantras ” Love All Feed All Serve All” or the variation “Do Good Be Good” and when I feel like getting more biblical I  repeat “Love God/Goddess  Love Thy Neighbor”.

We are a bit behind in the food growing business, though it is winter and things are growing slowly. There is a lot of gardening work to be done here and I know a lot of gardens needing attention (including my own backyard). One of my biggest excitements right now is an event coming up at the Free Farm  next Sunday January 16th (see flier below). The Free Farm Stand will still be open (thank you Mike and others), but if  anyone wants to come by later or early  before the stand opens to help us build a greenhouse or get involved in some other garden activities please do (or come by Wednesday and or Saturday to help us prepare for the big day). Not only will be startiing the New Year off with a celebration, but we will be building two greenhouses that will help not only us grow food to give away, but we will  finally be able to step up the production of seedlings and even trees that we can distribute for free to encourage a truly do-it yourself food local food growing and sharing movement. Also, we currently have a lot of the things we could use at the Free Farm so check out our  “What We Need” section if you are one of those resourceful people with lots of stuff laying around. Also, please check out the Free Farm website, we have new bloggers and there are lots of cool photos (I’m the guy in the photos just standing around trying to look busy):

Other news:

Here is a nice article about our dear friend and collaborator Lauren and her fabulous project Produce to the People: I am looking forward to another bountiful year of low hanging fruit.

Talking about fruit, this is the season to graft our trees. The California Rare Fruit Growers is having their annual scion wood exchange this year in El Sorbrante. If anyone wants to drive or carpool let me know.

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