Our Last Stand (for this year)

The Free Farm Stand had it’s Last Stand of this year Sunday and I am not sure if we went out with a bang or not. Actually I think we did  because although we didn’t have much produce the first round, there was more produce from the Stonestown mall farmer’s market that Maureen brought  around 2:30pm and I think almost everyone that came by, except the few that came by after we were mostly packed up, got some produce. I have been handing out the produce at the table recently and I have become more aware of the mothers with children who come and also many seniors. I felt a bit sad that we ran out of vegetables so early the first round (there wasn’t much from the Free Farm and the only other garden that had some produce was the Secret Garden). Art contributed some chills and marigolds from his garden and there were rocoto peppers and tree collards from the Secret Garden.

So we are closed now and will reopen January 9th, 2011. The Free Farm will also be closed the last two weeks of December, on December 22 (Wed.), December 25th (Sat.), December 29th (Wed.) and January 1 (Sat.). We will re-open for our regular Wed and Sat volunteer days on January 5th.  That doesn’t mean all work will stop. We are trying to have a greenhouse barn raising  day on January 16th, working with Temple Emanu-El. In preparation for that we are reconstructing a large hoop house at the farm that we will be taking down this week. We were hoping to gather a team of helpers to go to Richmond with us on Wednesday of this week, but if it is raining we will try to go next Saturday.  If anyone wants to get involved with that project please keep in touch via email as we might be doing some construction now and then.

I am really grateful and feel blessed for the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people this year. So much thanks I feel. Shalom!

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