It is the time to shout our praise and to share our joy for rain and spring. Our gardens are singing their happiness too and everywhere it is green and some of us are getting out our hoes (the weeds are more than glad for the moisture). The parade of flowers is coming. Hoesanna! from a recent […]

Heart to Heart Resuscitation

As we begin the new year our planet our home seems like it is limping along and is in need of a life support system or heart to heart resuscitation.  We need to give the world some love energy. Here are two local examples of love energy  being generated by my friends at Cas de Paz in […]

Mysteries of Love

Sometimes a wind blows… In a darkness And the mysteries Of love Come clear And dance In light In you In me And show That we Are love Sometimes a wind blows And the mysteries of love Come clear. (Songwriters: Angelo  Badalamenti/ David K. Lynch) After a day at the Free Farm Stand or in the […]