Grunt Work

Grunt work Most of my life I have been a  happy grunt. I have done my share of grunt work, schleping boxes of produce, sacks of potatoes or onions, or bread, shoveling shit or woodchips, and digging like a human hori-hori. It is like I have two extra appendages, a wheelbarrow or a hand truck. […]

Hope Growing on Trees

I haven’t written anything for this blog for a long while, because I was praying for a positive message that would bubble to the surface of my heart. Recently I watched an inspiring  video of Valarie Kaur speaking. She asked the question about the seemingly  dark times we are in, “What if this darkness is not […]

We Need Volunteers!

Join the Free Farm Stand family and help us share the wealth of urban farms and gardens.  We need folks to: 1. Set up, serve, and clean up at the Stand. 2. Drive our van to pick up produce. 3. Harvest gorgeous vegetables. 4. Garden. 5. Pack the van and unload the van. Interested in […]