Shout Outs and Hallelujahs

Often times I catch myself feeling jealous of other people. Yesterday I watched someone getting baptized and she spoke about feeling free, safe, and like a child.  I was thinking, Jeez I wouldn’t mind feeling born anew. Though going to the Free Farm Stand or being in some gardens makes me feel drenched in grace.  That’s feeling the love, beauty, mystery, and kindness pulsating everywhere, like a cosmic wave.

The two week experiment of my stepping back at the Stand is going well. Lolita has taken over leading our circle and already things are much better. She has gotten everyone engaged by getting all our volunteers to answer some question she has been coming up with. I have gotten to know our helpers more than I have in the past years we have been working with each other. One of our volunteers Zoila even broke out with a song yesterday.

Though there hasn’t been a lot to harvest at Alemany Farm (this I picked beautiful lettuce and  fava bean leaves) and there is less produce from the farmers at the market, the sun was out in full force warming everyone up and the community vibe was going strong.  And the lemons are coming in from neighbors.

16180604398_d5e18b3371_cP1010001Meyer lemons

P1010002Eureka lemons? these came from another neighbor and they look

rounder than the Meyers in this  photo

One person told me I could come and pick her tree (any gleaners out there?). I also am so appreciative of my friend Margaret who has been growing a small garden at St. Aidan’s and she often brings me a small bag of some things she harvested…this week lovey arugula! It’s these  contributions from neighbors and friends that make our work feel so special…like the love that went into that is so powerful and is such a great gift.

We also had a great work day in the Treat Commons Community Garden right next to the Stand.  It is wonderful to garden while others are giving out the produce nearby. I hope to I plan to teach some gardening classes this coming spring and summer and once we get some more work done at the All in Common Garden down the street from the Stand.


White Sapotes from my backyard


Pax at our Vegan Info Booth…hopefully more people will get it

that we are promoting not killing animals  for food or sport


Fava beans an alternative to meat


 Some of our free seedlings looked kind of sad. The sad spinach

 came from the leftovers after the planting of the new edible garden at our baseball stadium

farm to (center) field


some of our fabulous volunteers


our guest parrot



we like it hot

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