Surrender is not waving the white flag. I see it as accepting the perfectness and beauty of the here and now. Handing one’s heart over to the divine love force out there and letting that energy flow take us for a ride on a cosmic roller coaster. As we close down the Free Farm and literally give it all away to other farms and gardens in the city, we surrender.  It is exciting to see the trees and plants go to good homes where they will grow.  I haven’t been taking pictures of any of this busy activity going on, but believe me it is not only emotional but sweet.

We are having two big workdays on the next  two Saturdays. Saturday November 16 we are planing on taking down the two greenhouses and get them ready to move the following Saturday November 23rd.  We greatly appreciate any help we can get. Then gardeners will be coming during all our Wednesday and Saturday work days  to get plants and what stuff is left there. All the trees left in the ground that have been tagged are saved for different community groups as well as some tools left that we are using and some other things.  The rest  of the plants and some trees in small pots and other things are available for people to come and pick up from November 13th through December 20th. Just come by when we are there or possibly by appointment and talk to someone about something you may want and they will help you. We will be closed on Wednesday November 25 before Thanksgiving and Saturday after Thanksgiving.

The Free Farm Stand is not closing. Only the Free Farm, though I have always thought the Free Farm is an integral  part of the Free Farm Stand. We will be baack to where we were when we started, a Free Farm Stand without a Farm. The schedule for the Stand for this November  is that  we will remain open  Sunday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I haven’t figured out the schedule for the Stand for the holidays season in December.

We are moving into winter season which is mostly greens season. We are about finished harvesting at the Free Farm  and Friday I went to Alemany Farm and harvested turnip thinnings, kale, and some pineapple guava. I also have no photos from this week’s stand, but I will share  two  photos from our inspiring karma yogis in Fruitvale at Casa de Paz  who are running FrutaGift on Sundays. Their table with produce on it looks like ours, because we are both seasonal.


Here  is another photo from Sam Bower’s facebook page that I love. His comment: “Neighbor with photo of her grandmother who grew up on our street- here she is with dairy cows in old Fruitvale”.



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