From Panic to Prayer Mode

So many people are carrying around sorrow and pain and difficulty. They all have their joys and concerns.  Family members or friends  who are sick or cross over.  Injustice and unfairness that makes us emotional.  I have become aware that the best  thing we can  be doing these days is  to pray. Some people I have met have a negative reaction to the word prayer, like it is just about asking some God or maybe Goddess for help. I have asked a number of wise people what they see as prayer and they all pretty much said the same thing I have been thinking. It is listening. It is a dialog with the universe. It is being  deep with the mysterious.  It is connecting with the life force energy that is out there, that makes a seed sprout into a beautiful flower.  It is receptive silence. I personally talk  silently talk to myself and the divine spirit within.

Recently I could easily go into panic mode. We at the Free Farm would love to have a place to move to when we leave our space at the end of the year. So far we have had no luck, even finding a temporary space to move our large greenhouse.  I understand that since it is so big, but still it would be nice to continue growing seedlings to plant and give away. But instead of going into panic mode I have switched to prayer mode. I take a deep breath and trust in the mysterious to act appropriately.  We are also in plan mode and  making lists of groups who may want something from our farm that we are letting go of. Our priority of who to give things to would  be  to find people who share our philosophy of service to those in need. That is opposed to people who just want something for there private needs or desires or who are running a business (even if it is a good business). Plan B would be to give things away to anyone who wants what we have left.

While the Free Farm is is in the process of transformation, the Free Farm Stand has really blossomed. Because of the grant from the Bothin Foundation, we have a large refrigerator where we can store a lot of produce. So Alemany Farm has been harvesting their surplus produce  twice a week for the Free Farm Stand and we can now store it to give away on Sunday. The results this summer is that we have had a lot of really fresh local produce that is out of this world. It is so special and I wonder how may people that shop realize the quality of produce they are getting.  This week there was so much produce from both the two local farms (ours and Alemany) plus a ton of left over greens from the farmer’s market.20130908_ffs_0002 (Small)

the van was packed full with bags of fresh  greens of all kinds

20130906_ffs_0014 (Small) (2)

wearable produce…a large lettuce headdress from Alemany Farm.

20130906_ffs_0013 (Small)

I think the variety is Skyphos that we grew in our greenhouse.

20130908_ffs_0006 (Small)

more wearable produce…fresh date earrings

20130908_ffs_0007 (Small)


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERApears that a friend brought from a neighbor’s tree…over 100 pounds


I truly love our hard working volunteers…how lucky can I be?


and our guests who come by for food and community are fabulous too

20130908_ffs_0010 (Small)

Mike made some blackberry jam from berries growing in  Golden Gate Park

teaching people you can forage some of your food supply locally

He just got back from Burning Man and took these wonderful photos


the temple


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthe temple burning

back to reality at the Free Farm…last week Thomas brought his class

from City College to visit our free Farm

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