Raining on Our Produce Parade

Yesterday we had quite a bit of much needed rain at our Free Farm Stand. The sun would be out and then it would rain heavily.   The photos Mike took make everything look so beautiful. I love the rain and when I have my rain gear on I feel like I can be in it no problem. Most people unfortunately were not prepared for the downpour and I think they got pretty wet. Fortunately people are so gracious  that come to our Stand and can smile through it all. We had a lot of vegetables and fruit so it pretty much all worked out fine.

IMG_2497IMG_2491 IMG_2489 IMG_2496

Two volunteers Andy and his friend, who besides organizing

two Easter egg hunts, planted some pumpkins in the orchard. They are the kind of

people that make the Stand so much fun.

We are growing lots of starts in our greenhouse at the Free Farm so look for them if you come by the Stand some Sunday.

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