Taking Green to Heart

This is a shout out to growing cities that are truly green. Green with trees, green with gardens, green with farms, green with jars of sprouts on a kitchen counter, green with neighborhood drop off centers for compost, so we can make dark brown steamy compost locally,  green with brown sweet-smelling worm poop, green with […]

Plant Your Heart Out!

After lasts week personal dilemma that I wrote and cartooned about, I was lucky that some clarity came to me sort of out of the blue. I did wind up going to the Food Bank to pick up more Mandarin oranges and though they were not organic or I wasn’t sure, I knew they were not one of […]

In a Pickle

Sometimes I think I have something like a split self. For example, there has always been a part of me that likes to give food away. Peace Pilgrim would say this is my higher calling. Then there is the other me who easily gets tired of doing what I am doing and want to do […]