Enter the Mysterious

I was given a T-shirt found on the street (it was washed first) with Einstein riding a bicycle.  The quote on it started with “The most beautiful and deepest experience a man can have is the sense of the mysterious.” I find this true in my daily life, especially since I am a part time farmer.

When I am at the Free Farm Stand and the sun is out, and it is the most beautiful day,  the tables are loaded not only with Hecka Local produce, but a lot of yummy organic bounty left over from the farmer’s market too, the most beautiful volunteers and guests, and I am a bit exhausted and tired and yet feel this mysterious love vibe keeping me going,  like EveryReady batteries, that keeps me long lasting, and I find myself late at night finally cleaning up after making a boat load of tomato sauce and canning it.

When I am the Free Farm and I discover a gigantic trombone squash hidden in the climbing foliage, and I remember planting that squash from a tiny seed and I feel the mysterious power of creation  in my hands.

 When I am with the honeybees outside their hive home and everything about them is wondrous and mysterious and holy.

When I am with the flowers and I make bouquets  to give away, the patterns and colors are created by a mysterious hand.

Here are some pictures from the day:

apples  from York St.

lots of tomatoes from the Free Farm and Alemany Farm, plus ground cherries, peppers, zuccchini, and greens

Free Farm tomatoes…a labor of love to pick them and no tomato left behind

tomatoes from the farmer’s market

abundance of figs plus plums peaches and nectarines oh my

sheer amazing abundance

lots of flowers though some didn’t do too well in shipping

 Coming up  in a couple of weeks:

Pancho and I are doing  a skill share  starting at 3pm on Friday at HANC  recycling center and Kezar Gardens ” (at 2:300pm sitting in receptive silence…bring a cushion for your tush) called Creating Community Through Serving: Living without Conventional Currency; and Disobeying with Great Love. This will touch on how to start a sustainable Free Project and Doing things Free plus insights into Living with Little or no money plus…

 With all the abundance of Hecka Local produce growing on Hecka Local urban farms this article from the Bay Guardian is interesting and it talks about what I wrote about last week…http://www.sfbg.com/2012/08/21/farmville-real. I am still praying for divine intervention are you?

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