Party in the Park

It was one of those Free Farm Stand days that was more like a party than anything else. Sunday Streets was down the block and Sunday Stand was in the park. The amount of produce from the Free Farm combined with some contributed from Alemany Farm was over the top. I think we had a record amount of summer squash of all types. We also had our first harvest of potatoes from the farm, mostly  Purple Majesty and Mountain Rose, and an impressive amount of lettuce and greens and some cucumbers too. The School Farm dropped off more Red Russian Kale. There was also pounds of garlic from the farm. We served over 153 people.

With an abundance of fruit, including loquats and Santa Rosa plums from my backyard, a number of boxes of stone fruit, plus 40  boxes of green figs left over from the farmer’s market and a case of  very ripe bananas from Whole Foods perhaps, it seemed like brining out the bike blender was the right thing to do. And Mike came by with some fabulous homemade pickles.

Wayne is so great working with the kids and teaching them about eating healthy

I heard him say isn’t this better than soda?

Jane and other musicians practiced their music and entertained us all

I saw their band play at the Produce to the People Ice Cream Benefit and they were sexy and  their music

was deliciously fun. I love music at the Free Farm Stand!

One of the members of the congregation at the Free Farm Church…watch out mice!




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