Were You There?

The Free Farm Stand was open on Easter Sunday and it was a small crowd and we actually didn’t have the usual tons of produce.  There isn’t a lot to report.

Thanks to our fabulous volunteer crew I am spending more time gardening when I come to the park on Sunday. I brought a lot of vegetable starts to give out and also some plants to put in our newly mulched mini-orchard next to the community garden. Gardening always bring me happiness, especially when I get my hands in the soil. I know people love “shopping” at our farm stand and get joy out of the experience, but I wonder if they would like me have a religious experience growing, harvesting, and eating some of their own produce?  It is such a miracle to plant a seed and have it grow. I was thinking of a line in one of my favorite songs they sang at church for Easter,  Were you There. My lyrics would be “Were you there when the seed was planted?””Were you there when it rose up from the ground? Were you there when it was harvested? Oh, sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble.” Were you there when the seed was planted?”

I have been overwhelmed with the activities at the Free Farm this spring (check out this weeks blog http://thefreefarm.org/). We have been more than successful in getting our seedling production going and I am realizing it is a job in itself to distribute free vegetable starts. Please spread the word that we have plenty of trombone summer squash and Tahitian melon squash available and also we will have some tomato seedlings, cucumbers, and probably kale too. They are available free for anyone not going to sell their produce and hopefully will share their surplus with someone in need. I am also looking for long lengths of 3/4″ electrical conduit or 3/4″ pipe to make trellises to grow our climbing squashes like the ones mentioned above.  Also, please join us in preparing beds and planting our seedlings and planting seeds in the greenhouse.

Here is a picture from the end of the day when we had put away the tables thinking there wasn’t going to be a second drop off of produce from the Stonestown Mall Farmer’s Market.  To our surprise a second load did come in and we were so happy to offer vegetables to those who missed out  from our earlier offering.

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