Jamming in the rain

Yesterday we had our first rain at the Free Farm Stand and although the crowd was smaller than usual, there was still a line down the sidewalk. By the time we got our second round of produce the rain had stopped and a new long line formed, so by the end of the day we had almost nothing leftover. I kept thinking we could use another canopy. Early while we were just setting up Pam dropped off a bag of surplus produce from her garden and Fred came by with bags of apples gleaned from a friend in Pacifica. We also had apples and pomegranates from Stanford Glean.  I brought some roasted sunchokes that I gave out samples of with sunchokes harvested at Esperanza garden (there are still more to harvest) and we had a flier in English and Spanish on how to use them. It was a big hit. Also, we had a variety of jams to taste that Mike had made, plus the plum sauce I made the night before with squished plums. Plus my dear friend and former intern Bilkis arrived with delicious fig jam that she had made with gleaned figs from Marin.

Things really feel like they are winding down. The season is changing and less produce is coming out of our farm and from the farmers markets. Yesterday I met Lauren’s parent from Maryland and they told me the trees there are changing colors, something we don’t get out here too much. I am sensing that it is time for a change, though I don’t know what the change or changes will be. I am in a dream state, restless, and praying for guidance .Waiting for angels to show up.

Here are some photos from Sunday thanks to Cristina who stopped by shortly (it was so wet and I was too busy to pull out my camera):

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