Dreaming of Fungi

One can’t help but want to go inside and curl up and get warm and dry after spending a number of hours in the rain at the Free Farm Stand.  The work is beautiful though and the rain I can’t complain about. I can’t wait to go to the farm on Wednesday and see what […]

Jamming in the rain

Yesterday we had our first rain at the Free Farm Stand and although the crowd was smaller than usual, there was still a line down the sidewalk. By the time we got our second round of produce the rain had stopped and a new long line formed, so by the end of the day we […]

Teaching the A, B, Cs at the Stand

How could a Free Farm Stand day be more beautiful? How could we ever have such a great crew of volunteers helping out? On Saturday at the Free Farm and Sunday at the Free Farm Stand we had over twenty students from Stanford. Most of the students were taking the class listed below by started […]