Free Farm Stand on YouTube

This was produced by a reporter for the San Francisco Bay Guardian and is on their online version this week ( I am a little worried that people might think I am trying to be famous or that I might act like a big shot by agreeing to be interviewed. I just thought that if anyone watches this video and gets inspired to join us in growing and sharing food together, that would be great. The more food we all are growing, the more food we can share with others, and the more local organic food and flowers we can make available to those people that can’t afford it. And it would be awesome if this video or blog inspires anyone to help us locate land in the Mission where we might start a small urban mini-farm. Vacant lots, churches or hospitals with land, schools with gardens not being used during summer vacation, abandoned or neglected gardens. Or to encourage a movement to pick and glean fruit in the city (with owners permission first). The blackberries are ripening on Bernal Hill!

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