A Celebratory Week

Pride Week It was Pride week last week and it felt like a celebratory and special time. The sky and air was smoky all week from local brush fires and one morning I walked to the top of Bernal Hill and the sun was suspended in the sky like a bright orange ball.The Free Farm […]

A Mellow Farm Stand

Today I am not going to write much about yesterday’s Free Farm Stand. I am anxious to get out into the garden and work. I will say it was a nice mellow day and it didn’t seem as busy as last week, though a good number of people came by and I did give away […]

Free Farm Stand on YouTube

This was produced by a reporter for the San Francisco Bay Guardian and is on their online version this week (http://www.sfbg.com/). I am a little worried that people might think I am trying to be famous or that I might act like a big shot by agreeing to be interviewed. I just thought that if […]