Report on last weeks farm stand

  • This week’s farm stand had the most food ever…Christy brought carrots and chamomile tea from Corona Heights Community Garden, Greg brought ten more lettuce heads from his backyard on Capp St. (he brought about 15 last week…all from seedlings gotten from the stand!), my backyard and produced a lot of lettuce too, and then there was kale, fava beans (from a farmer in Sebastapol), salad mix, stir fry mix, sunflower greens and lemons from my next door neighbor.
  • All the food was given away by the end of the day…it always starts off slow and then a lot of people come throughout the time it is opened
  • Many seedlings and plants were also given away 30? or more bicyclists from the bike tour of sustainable food projects in the Mission (organized by Antonio) dropped by and I talked to them about the garden and the farm stand
  • I talked to two women who not only needed food, but just needed someone friendly to talk to because they were having a hard time in their lives. They were both in need of a good place to live that is affordable, if anyone knows of a place.

Latest news and upcoming events:

I am running out of produce that is ready to harvest and give away. Any community gardens or gardens or farms with extra organic food we could use some!

I plan on opening the Secret Garden next Saturday which is also carnival time at 11am. Some of the work we will be doing include harvesting kale and replanting, weeding, and tying up tomatoes. I am also thinking of trying out some guerrilla gardening near the garden. Any one up for a bit of excitement? Also, if we finish up at the Secret Garden we can walk over to Treat Commons and do harvesting and other farm stand related gardening.

Next Monday I will be extracting honey from our backyard hive. I have a few people who said they want to help out and observe the operation. We have a small place, but if anyone else wants to learn about beekeeping from a vegan approach, let me know and if someone drops out you can join us.

I sent out a letter to the property owners of a vacant lot on Alabama near the Atlas Cafe seeing if I could lease or just use the land for the farm stand. The owner called me and said they were about to sell it. She was very friendly and said she liked what I was doing and that she would get me in touch with the new owners when that happens. I actually felt positive about the whole thing even though I was turned down. I wasn’t even expecting a call back.