Squashing the Status Quo

I know I was getting pretty discouraged last week thinking too much about friends and farms getting eviction notices and feeling that our beautiful San Francisco was changing too rapidly and becoming a city for the rich.  Again grace intervened and just by accident I stumbled upon hope and inspiration.  This time it was super local inspiration, […]

Up Beat-itude

It was a beautiful warm winter day at the Stand today. I was handing out numbers because we were short handed, but we were also very short on produce.  We did have a lot of greens from the farm though. I was feeling bad that we had so little to give out, but almost  everyone was so […]

The Return of the Free Farm Stand

The Free Farm Stand reopened yesterday on a sunny cool crisp day and it was great to see most of our regular volunteers return to help set up and run the Stand.  Unfortunately we had very little produce to share and we wound up leaving early.  I am going to clarify on our website that […]