Don’t Pass…Up…On Peace

I have a program on my computer called CCleaner (otherwise known as Crap Cleaner) that looks over all the files on my machine and gets rid of the unnecessary  files that are there slowing everything down (you do have a choice of what to remove). I also have spyware programs that look for bad programs on my computer […]

Greens Scenes

In between Free Farm Stand and Free Farm fun, I occasionally attend social events like birthday parties. Being socially awkward at these events, I like to drink a little to loosen myself up and then I go in a corner and scribble poems or doodles onto a piece of paper. Here are three from last week: The first poem […]

Plenty of Sunshine…

coming my way!   I feel so grateful for that! This picture sort of tells a lot about the Free Farm Stand this past Sunday: This was the van when we came back from picking up left-over produce and bread from Food Runners who picked it up from the Ferry Building Farmers market. The heavy […]