My Moral GPS

Here is what I was dreaming this morning: I plug in my moral GPS and put in the location I want to go to arrive at a just and equitable world a planet treated with respect I don’t know how I am getting there putting trust in my modern moral compass We all need this […]

Sink or Swing

On Saturday night I went to a swing dance birthday party and enjoyed the music, the band and their singer,  the moves, and especially the footwork. The Free Farm Stand and the Free Farm is a swing dance of sorts (Swing Beans, Lindy Hops,  and our Hive Jive on the Free Farm). We definitely swing […]

#Occupy Free Farm Stand

Though I haven’t been active in the Occupy Wall Street SF I am inspired. I think there is a tie in with the Free Farm Stand and the Free Farm.  Naomi Klein expressed my feelings so articulately in a recent interview  she gave when attending Occupy Wall St in New York (  “ Only when […]