Behind the Scenes

It turns out that a number of the few photos taken this week were a behind the scenes look at the Free Farm Stand.  Here is a photo of our hallway right after we loaded it  with boxes of produce from Food Runners direct from the Ferry Building Farmers market.   Actually, part of our crazy routine […]

Farmer not Foodie

I could have titled this week’s blog with a bad pun like “the beet goes on”.  It is true though that it feels like we are on auto-pilot and each Sunday’s Free Farm Stand follows the next and the produce comes and goes. It is another summer and what is truly a miracle each week […]

Eden now

I took a break last week and alas there was no write up of what went down.  This week I was there for all the glory.  The weekend started out with a bang at the Free Farm where I heard the count was forty volunteers. Among those, my friends from Casa de Paz from Oakland […]