The Stand in Pictures

I thought I would tell the story of the Free Farm Stand this week mostly in pictures with captions. It was Pride Day and perhaps the crowd was a bit smaller, but I couldn’t really tell and we gave most of the produce away by the end. Tim is one of our Stanford summer interns […]

Yay Summer!

I just love these long sunny days and as we enter into summer, it seems so right. I wasn’t at the farm stand yesterday, but got reports that it was a beautiful and bountiful day. I knew that because I loaded the van with many boxes of produce left over from the farmer’s market and also with […]

Hecka Local Bites the Dust

I have been trying to take off two days a month from being at the Free Farm Stand on Sundays (the first and third Sundays of the month) and from what I have heard everything worked out well last week while I was gone. Sorry if there is no one blogging yet for those times […]