Farm Stand Daze

I am not sure what it was about yesterday’s Farm Stand, but I came home completely in another mental world. It was like my head was in some haze and I couldn’t remember things or concentrate on much at all. Every once in a while a fragment of reality would pop up, like remembering a […]

Citizen Cane

The two weeks of self-promoting our work for the Bay Citizen of Tomorrow online voting contest is finally over!  I am so grateful and thankful on many levels. We came in 2nd place with most votes (over 5,000 total voted is all the Bay Citizen web site said)) and we got a $2,500 check for […]


I decided to write something short this week about the Free Farm Stand so I can get it out tonight.  I am also going to do a double header by writing a short blog over at If there is anything that most stands out in my mind about the Stand this week is that […]