Almost Speechless

I have run out of things to say about our Free Farm Stand. Yesterday I was behind the table handing out the little produce we had grown at the Free Farm and I felt embarrassed that I had so little to give out (most of the produce we did grow was handed out at our […]

The Greens Economy

The rains stopped miraculously and the day was beautiful for a Sunday Free Farm Stand. Surprisingly we had a great deal of produce (a lot of cabbage, artichokes,  Brussels sprouts, and greens), though it was a little sparse on the Hecka Local side of the table. Saturday it was raining hard and not a lot […]

Garden Hoes-annnas

I would like to sing songs of praise to our abundant earth and to the gardeners who work the land and grow food and flowers for our nourishment. I am really appreciating farmers these days after trying to be one myself. The Free Farm Stand felt especially abundant today with hecka local produce. Several friends […]