Everyone Loves a Farmer

I was out on the sidewalk picking a big chestnut tree that I helped plant in 1982. It is more like hitting the chestnut tree with a long bamboo pole and knocking the nuts off and they fly everywhere.  People drive or walk by and many smile. When I saw a guy driving by in […]

Diggers and Digger Wasps

I wasn’t at the free Farm Stand yesterday because I was at the Free Farm working with an architect and others developing a master plan for the site and more specifically seeing if we could come up with plans for a greenhouse, shed, and multipurpose space.. I do know that the van was loaded with […]

Weighing In

Cherry tomatoes, one trombone squash, a lot of lettuce, a few collards, some broccoli, and some zucchini is what was on the hecka local table all from the Free Farm. Also, I picked 3 pounds of rocoto pepper from Treat Commons that were so beautiful (I myself find the peppers too hot). Neighbors brought oranges, […]