Feeling Groovy

I just got back from Nevada City (an old mining town), just taking a much needed break and visiting two very close friends. It was cool and cloudy most of my visit and not the usual hot weather they get up there this time of year.  I did get a chance to walk in the […]

From Free Farm Stands to Free Pot Stands

It was one of those Free Farm Stand Sundays where when we were finished I got home and was exhausted, but felt it was such a great day. You can’t go wrong when the sun comes out and it turns out to be a beautiful day. In the early morning Griff arrived at my house […]

The Revolution will be Harvested

My friend Bilkis who was an intern with us for a year dropped by my house with some beautiful cloth bags she had sewn this summer, all made with scrap cloth she had sewn together. She made them for the Free Farm Stand and since there were not enough for all the people who come […]