Boundless Bounty, Love and Bitter Melons

This is what it is all about on Sundays at the Free Farm Stand. Though sometimes it seems it may be tough love when I am trying to keep some people in line who are being too grabby or greedy when reaching for free vegetables. It is really about boundless love everyday as far as […]

A Peachy Keen Scene

The berries are ripening on Bernal Hill and yesterday on a warm sunny Sunday the line was snaking down the sidewalk for the Free Farm Stand, another sign of summer here. I counted sixty people in line just when we opened at 1pm and at 2pm there was still a line, but less people in […]

Picture Perfect Produce

I returned July 5th from my week in Illinois and am glad to be back. One of the highlights of the trip (which was primarily to participate in my yearly pilgrimage to visit in-laws and attend a family reunion) was talking to a family member who is a small farmer from around there who grows […]