Life of a Local Yokel

Life goes on after the barrage of media attention last week in the Chronicle and my 15 minutes of fame. I actually feel that some good came out of the article and that it got some people inspired. Just this morning I learned about some church in Napa Country that has a lot of open […]

Growing Appreciation

On Sunday the Hayes Valley Farm was having a Volunteer Appreciation Day and I heard it was a big success. I was celebrating “Everyday an Appreciation Day”. It seems I can’t help it. appreciation for all the people that are volunteer,  and appreciation for all the people who come by to “shop” at the Free […]

Stumped and Pumped

Last week I was totally immersed in issues related to urban agriculture and trees. It started off when two large branches of our forty or fifty foot tall Black Acacia tree broke off and landed on two neighbor’s roofs. Luckily no one was hurt, but one of the landlords next door freaked out and wants […]