The F Word and the G spot

On Saturday I attended a meeting held by the San Francisco Planning Department (in conjunction with Park and Recreation and PODER) the purpose of which was to “envision a new open space in the Mission”. The city is writing a grant to purchase the parking lot on 17th and Shotwell/Folsom Sts. So the meeting was […]

San Francisco Dreamin’ …

on a winter’s day This week we had one of the fastest free farm stands in a while. We set up and gave away what we had in an hour. It started to rain right when we started giving out the produce and there was a pretty good line. Fortunately people didn’t have to be […]

Breadbasket Case

I am back at last from Peoria Illinois and am really appreciative of our non-frost climate (though before I left I did lose some delicate plants in pots to cold). Coming back I found the gardens growing happily with kale and fava beans and white sapotes on my backyard tree. I heard that the farm […]