Farming Dharma

I was feeling a bit of excitement when I came to the Free Farm Stand a little late today. I just arrived from Martin de Porres soup kitchen where I volunteer and had gotten the lucky chance to hear the Dalai Lama speak. Here is an article in the Chronicle about it: The thing […]

1st Anniversary Report

Today is the one year anniversary of the Free Farm Stand. I started this blog in May of last here. It’s a time that I can look back and say wow not only did time go by quickly, but so much has happened since I began. Here is a picture of the table at […]

Holy Week Farm Stand

Every day is holy like every day is an unbirthday and we can celebrate and break bread together. On Sunday I was sitting in a synagogue listening to an Easter sermon next to a two week old baby and thinking about how perfect a thing she was.When you think about it we are really blessed […]