Random Acts of Sharing

In the nineties there was a popular movement of people practicing random acts of kindness and now there is even a Random Acts of Kindness Foundation that “is committed to spreading kindness”. The Free Farm Stand has become a place where people come and practice random acts of sharing of food and I think it […]

Free Farm Stand Alchemy

The chemistry of the Free Farm Stand is actually pretty simple. Throw up a tent and set up a table in the same place and with the same hours every week. By word of mouth let neighbors know what you are doing (trying to make the world better by growing organic food to give away). […]

Fruity Times

Peaches The high point of my week collecting food for the stand was going over to David’s house across from McLaren Park in the Portola neighborhood. I never heard of this neighborhood before, though I had been in McLaren Park a number of times and liked it a lot. Christy joined me and we took […]