Lots of Local

Apples, plums, lemons, and tomatoesThere was lots of locally grown produce on Sunday. I could tell people who came that ” these tomatoes came from Treat Ave. your neighbor Dave grew them and put them in used strawberry baskets. ” Some apples and huge lemons came from around the corner on Folsom St. from Olga’s […]

Growing Gratefulness

I am writing this blog a day late because yesterday I spent the day extracting honey (see below). But for a few days I have known about what I wanted to share with people and have been anxious to get it down in writing. I can’t remember what day it was last week that I […]

The Weekly Free Farm Stand Report

Freeing the GreeningThere is a lot of excitement in the air these days about growing and eating local and organic food. And also there is a buzz about green this and that, and sustainable is a word that comes up all the time. My project the free farm stand is popular I guess because it […]