Nature Fights Back!

Last week a friend who grew a huge amount of flowers at the Growing Home Garden on Octavia before it was closed down for development, sent me some photos that really made my day.   The first photo is of a peach tree that was left behind in the garden, abandoned, waiting to get the [...]

Kindness Growing on Trees

I have been in hibernation from writing recently, thinking I haven’t much to say and on top of that being busy finishing the greenhouse at All in Common Garden and planting seedlings (we gave away our first tray of Patio Star zucchini a week ago at the  Free Farm Stand). The Free Farm Stand and the [...]

Green under the Sun

Last Friday I was driving to Alemany Farm to volunteer there, mostly to harvest produce for the Free Farm Stand on Sunday. I was feeling pretty good, the sun was out, the greenhouse at the All in Common Garden was almost done, and I had started looking at what seeds I saved since the Free [...]