Sunny Side Up

I am putting my sunny side up. It seems super appropriate right now and Thanksgiving is almost here, though if you read this blog you may know I am always giving thanks! My friend Greg told me yesterday that some Tibetan lama told Lou Reed that the trick is for one to feel sad but […]


Surrender is not waving the white flag. I see it as accepting the perfectness and beauty of the here and now. Handing one’s heart over to the divine love force out there and letting that energy flow take us for a ride on a cosmic roller coaster. As we close down the Free Farm and […]

Free Farm Stand Still Stands

The quality of our volunteers at both the Free Farm Stand and the Free Farm continues to inspire me and really it is what keeps me going week to week. Plus I love our neighbors and others who show up at our Sunday Free Farm Stand. Humans can be very beautiful  at times. Here is […]