Free Farm Stand Mojo

As fall is slipping away and the new year approaches, I get a bit nostalgic about the early days of the Free Farm Stand, when we had a small table inside the garden and the project was in it’s sweetest most personal incarnation.  Here are some pictures from the first day in 2008: all the produce […]

Beets not Bombs Romaine not Rockets

We are coming up on my favorite holiday, a special day of the year for us all to be Thankful. Yet it seems difficult to talk about  my feelings of gratefulness and thanks when the world is filled with war and the suffering it brings to everyone caught up in that violence.  I am particularly thinking about […]

Over Crowded

These days there is  outsourcing , open sourcing and now we also have crowdsourcing.  People who get online on the internet are seen as a crowd that can be hit upon for all kinds of things. And out of crowdsourcing came crowdfunding,  with sites like kickstarter and indiegogo (“an international crowdfunding paltform”), where people are […]