Bringing in the Leaves

It is nice to take time off from writing this blog every once in a while, especially when it feels like there isn’t anything new to say. The Free Farm Stand feels like it is running on auto-pilot or cruise control and there isn’t much else to say but that it is a lot of […]

Sow Flowers

“Sow flowers so your surroundings become a garden.”  This is from a poem by Rahman Baba, a seventeenth century Afghan/Sufi poet I recently discovered and the words have stuck with me.  That is all we are doing at the Free Farm Stand is sowing flowers. We had one of the largest harvests this year from the […]

Heart Land

I am writing this from what is called the Heartland of America. I have been visiting in-laws in Peoria, Illinois and entirely missed the Free Farm Stand this week.  I am so grateful for all the many hands that have kept the Stand open, from picking up produce to  running the Stand.  I am in the […]