Fel Meshmesh

I was going to call this posting Return of the Planet of the Apricots. It was June 22, 2009 when  I wrote the report of our apricot picking  in the post Planet of the Apricots. Last week we returned to Vacaville and picked the orchard again and bringing 381lbs of apricots to the city to give away (including the amount […]

Earth Nourishment

“Air moves us, fire transforms us, water shapes us, earth heals us.”  Those are words from a chant sung at the memorial celebration for our friend Moher who died of breast cancer recently. I  attended the event yesterday instead of being at the Free Farm Stand.  Before I left I dropped off some vegetables from the Free […]

Cultivate Our Garden

In this day of internet communication it seems that news of whatever we do can spread across the globe. So I heard about Sharing Gardens in Oregon (http://thesharinggardens.blogspot.com/) a few years back stumbling around the web and was inspired about their project…offering free produce to those in need. Today I got an email from Rey in […]