Good Produce Good News

Yesterday was a celebration day and the Free Farm Stand was surrounded by joy and abundant good cheer. Besides there being a carnival parade and festivities one block over from the Stand, it was Pentecost.  These religious holidays  need translation, and to me any day is holy that celebrates the divine and wondrous  spirit …we […]

Gentle Takeovers

It is hard for me to wrap my mind around giving just a report about the Free Farm Stand this morning as I am thinking about the take over of the Gill Track Land by the Occupy the Farm people in Albany. I actually know a number of the occupiers there who are beautiful and […]

Free Lives

The last few days I have been over working. This first Sunday of the month I got a double dose of service, soup kitchen cooking in the morning and Free Farm Stand in the afternoon. Yet no matter how tired I am, the Free Farm Stand is like a restorative yoga pose for me that […]