Vegetable/Fruit Love

The sun came out despite predictions of rain. Our volunteer crew is fantastic! I love it that we attract new helpers at least every month. I love getting to know my neighbors.  Ed who lives down the street from me brought 13lbs of lemons from his tree to share at our stand.  Kim brought  4lbs […]

Pretty Peas, Peppers, and a Permit Too

At today’s Free Farm Stand I got to display our official permit to operate from the Health Department. I never thought I would have to have a permit to give away produce and bread, but I am glad that we can continue for now. I am continually grateful for the opportunity to live a life […]

Greens in the City

There really isn’t much to report about the Free Farm Stand, it keeps rolling along. I loved the arugala, ruby streaks mustard, and other baby greens mix that can from the Free Farm hothouse, it was fresh and tasty. We amazingly harvested 15.5 pounds. This mix grows like a lawn and you can cut it […]