Tinkering with Tik­kun Olam

I just finished sending out thank you letters to all the companies that donated food or money for food for our volunteer appreciation party and anniversary celebration.  The party was really sweet and wonderful and though I was planning to drink, I got drunk instead on all the wonderful energy in the room. I haven’t […]


On Sunday the Free Farm Stand was met with a bit of wet weather. I think our eleven 55 gallon rain barrels are full at the Free Farm with the rain (it was wet but only rained lightly while we were distributing produce). I myself and I know others were feeling grateful for the change […]

A Lemon in Every Pot

I just put up on our website a short video made last year by a visitor from Japan named Junko from CyClub, “an international artists collective transformational Gypsy Punk Band”. Look under the sidebar under Explore Videos etc. I liked this video and it really gives you the flavor of what the Free Farm Stand […]