this land is made for you and me

All week I have been thinking about private property and have been wanting to write about it for this week’s blog. I think like the Occupy movement the subject of land and who “owns it” ties in with the work we are doing with the Free Farm Stand and the Free Farm. Since I have […]

The Billionaire Club

Recently I was talking to a Free Farm volunteer who told me something beautiful. She said that if we determine the value or worth of someone not based on money, but on the quality of their relationships with others, then many of us would be billionaires. I definitely feel like I am in the billionaire […]

Taking Root

I returned from my one week in the Midwest refreshed and filled with Thankfulness (I survived the turkey holocaust day and there are a million other things I am grateful for). Yesterday I took off early from the Free Farm Stand to go to a memorial for a friend named Wave who recently died from […]