Graced Out

I am totally blown out and amazed by all the emails that have been have been sent in by people who support the Free Farm Stand in the park and love what we are doing. I actually don’t know how to express my feelings when I have read so many stories of what the Free […]

Numbers and Bummers

Yesterday it was a very chaotic day as we began giving out numbers to people so they wouldn’t have to wait in a long line and could instead hang out in the park, sit on the grass, or take off for a while. At the end of the day we gave out 216 numbers and it took […]

Pears & People a Plenty!

The thing I love best about the Free Farm Stand and the Free Farm is all the wonderful people I meet all the time and a new crop seems to come up every week! Such an abundance of good vibes and helpful hands and hearts. I heard about an abandoned pear orchard owned by a […]