Waste Watching

This week we broke new records with over a thousand pounds of hecka local produce harvested and gleaned and distributed for free. What made up most of that weight were prune plums or sugar plums. On Thursday me and three friends drove to Vacaville (about an hour and 20 minutes away) where we “picked” 780 pounds […]

Saucy Summer

I am sitting here typing as 2 more gallons of tomato sauce that I canned are boiling away on our stove, plus 6 more quarts of fruit compote. On Saturday night I canned 3 gallons of tomato sauce all with organic tomatoes that were soft and had been squished, all left-overs from the farmer’s market. […]

100% Free

I was reading on a website called Practical Permaculture http://www.practicalpermaculture.com/about.htm, that had this great quote about what permaculture is about:” The idea is to be able to look out your backdoor and see your friends gathering food.” I would expand this idea and say that this revolution is about looing out our back or front […]