May 8th: Mother’s Day Fruit Tree Planting

  y en Español Come celebrate Mother’s Day & Plant Fruit Trees at the Free Farm Stand in Parque Niños Unidos: 23rd & Treat Ave. Support Community Orchards/Community Gardens on Sunday May 8th, 2011 11am: Plant Fruit Trees in our newly expanded fruit orchard! 1pm – 3pm: Free Farm Stand … Sharing the wealth of […]

Glad Hands and Hearts

It’s nice to be reminded that many of the holidays we celebrate, like Passover or Easter, had some original connection to ancient peoples who were more in touch with their land and soil then we are now. A holiday for every season. Now we are entering the spring season (yesterday someone pointed out to me […]

Blessings in da Skies

After attending the SFRefresh “Stargazing” workshop lead by Pancho my head has been in a cloud. I have been thinking humans can only be overwhelmed and amazed by the beauty and wonderment of this universe (perhaps animals or plants or even rocks might sense that feeling too). I also realized how much mystery there is […]