Hecka Sweet Oranges and People

Towards the end of April of this month we will have the 1st year anniversary of the opening of the Free Farm Stand and I am starting to look back and evaluate how things have gone so far. I want to see what I have learned and if there are any changes I should be […]

It’s All Good to the Core

What a beautiful day it turned out to be at the Free Farm Stand, and I was thinking it was going to rain. It was another day that we were loaded up with beautiful vegetables and bread. I must admit I was feeling pretty good about myself that I had grown so much lettuce mix […]

No Farmers No Food

This week’s blog title comes from a bumper sticker someone gave us this Sunday. It comes from a group in the Midwest that is “Fighting to keep family farms on their land”. I was thinking that all the foreclosures happening everywhere are like the family farms disappearing. My friend Christian came by and told me […]